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Satisfied Patients in Salina, KS


”I contracted Polio in 1950 at the age of 13 months. It affected my right leg and I have worn a complete leg brace from waist to foot ever since. When you lose the use of one member of your body, the other parts have to work twice as hard. For me, the overuse of my shoulders had been my biggest difficulty. I was told I wasn’t a good candidate for shoulder replacement due to the extreme weight bearing on my arms. I tried everything with very minimal results.” Anonymous

“Before I started coming here I suffered from chronic pain. Since coming to Dr. Wilcox, I have completely stopped taking prescription pain meds and no longer get headaches. I feel very blessed to have found this type of treatment and very thankful for Dr. Wilcox! He helped me with issues no one else had ever found!” Shaleah Tonne, Salina, Age 30

“Dr. Wilcox is as compassionate about health as he is about society and patriotism. I especially appreciate the way he explains what each treatment is intended to accomplish. The receptionist is very polite, friendly, and helpful also.” Robert B.

“I suffered with low back pain for 16 years after an accident. The daily pain limited my life and activities. I spent thousands of dollars seeking relief. After seeing Dr. Wilcox and receiving his computerized chiropractic care, I am now living an awesome life again.”

Vince B., Abilene

“My experience at Living Well Chiropractic Clinic has been wonderful. Dr. Wilcox has has helped me so much. I had back surgery and I was never completely pain free afterward. I couldn’t stand very long without having to sit down. I am pretty much pain free now and I can stand for long periods without my back bothering at all. I continue to go once a month to see Dr. Wilcox for maintenance & wellness treatments. I just feel so relaxed and much better after each treatment. I’m so thankful I came to Living Well Chiropractic Clinic and for Dr. Wilcox.” 

Holly B., Age 58, Hope, KS

“The office is always welcoming, I am always greeted by name as soon as I come in. As for the treatments, I am living with less pain and a better quality of life than I have had for 15 years.” Sara K.

“Very thorough and informative! Staff including doctor were very nice. A wonderful visit and very helpful!”

Megan P., Age 26, Pratt, KS

“I was treated promptly and courteously. My needs were met and I came away feeling better than when I went in.”

Barth A., Age 58, Abilene, KS

“I was impressed how long Dr. Wilcox spent with me, explaining issues and showing me what I will feel like after treatment.”


“I met Dr. Wilcox at the Senior Fair in September when I stopped at his booth. I had been having pain in my shoulder since June and it was difficult to use my left arm. I couldn’t even raise it above the shoulder level or over my head. Dr. Wilcox immediately said “I can help you!” He identified the problem as a pinched nerve. I was surprised at the quick relief I got after the first appointment.  Each visit has lessened the discomfort in my shoulder. I appreciate Dr. Wilcox’s genuine interest and patience in explaining problems and care.”

Judy M., Salina, KS

“I’ve been coming to Dr. Wilcox for over 5 years now. When I started coming, I couldn’t raise my arms above my shoulders, now I can lift them above my head. He has also helped to lessen the pain and stiffness in my knees and lower back. I am very happy with the care I’ve received and how much better I’ve gotten.” James Holt, Salina, KS

“When my husband heard Dr. Wilcox’s advertisement on the radio, I called for an appointment and felt a great deal of relief from my first visit. While my situation remains chronic, Dr. Wilcox has definitely helped. I don’t know how the PulStar Computerized Adjuster works, I just know it’s an important part of my pain management.”


“Before coming to Living Well Chiropractic I felt like my life was over. I couldn’t do simple things like my laundry, making my bed, or buying/bagging my own groceries. I had given up walking for exercise because it was too painful. Now I’m able to walk for an hour non-stop. Plus do some mild resistance exercises. Before I could only sit for no more than 30 minutes when traveling. I would have to get out of the car and walk around for 5 minutes before continuing. Since going to Living Well Chiropractic I can now drive to Kansas City non-stop. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!” Myrna, Salina, Age 61

“I was amazed that with one treatment I could move my neck and slept better the first night. It took around 3 treatments before I really saw the full results. The staff was great and kept encouraging me. Dr. Wilcox never gave up on me and every visit was always to get me back in alignment!” Verla M., age 85

“I have never found a better or more passionate doctor than Dr. Wilcox! I depend on him for just about everything after he freed me of severe pain following a NEEDLESS lumbar herniotomy! He’s eliminated my excruciating wrist, elbow and arm pain, rescued a locked jaw, and always keeps my neck and back in great comfort. I highly recommend Dr. Milo Wilcox for whatever ails you!” Deb R., Age 56, Salina

“My appointment went very well. I had decompression therapy and then Dr. Wilcox adjusted me. My back and neck always feel wonderful after treatment. The Pro Adjuster system is awesome. Coming to Living Well and Dr. Wilcox was the best thing I ever did for my back- the only thing that really helped.”

Holly B.

“Dr. Wilcox has given me excellent care. He is always willing to advise and educate you about any chiropractic issues you may have.Dr. Wilcox and his staff have always been very nice to me and I would recommend Living Well Chiropractic to anyone.”

Maria M., Age 78, Salina, KS

“I am thankful I have changed over to Living Well. I have been able to move around much better this past year than I have been in years past. Thank you.”

Robin M., Age 57, Salina, KS

“Love the adjustment that I get every time I come which is usually once every 4 weeks – for maintenance.”

Faye B., Age 72, Salina, KS

“I went to Dr. Wilcox on March 17th, 2009 with numerous aches and pains from my neck into my shoulder and my low back into my hip. I also had difficulty with balance and muscle weakness in my upper and lower extremities. After getting my upper neck adjusted, it also stopped my dizziness. After two months of Pulstar chiropractic care, I am essentially pain-free and am able to keep on farming.”

Rex Copple, Minneapolis, KS

“Since August 2007, I had stiffness and soreness in my neck and I was told I had rotator cuff damage in my right shoulder by the VA. It was not bad enough for surgery yet. I had seen orthopedic specialists and family practice doctors and underwent an MRI and x-rays before coming to see Dr. Wilcox in September of ‘09. I am in the Army National Guard and must maintain a readiness level, so my condition was limiting that. Almost immediately, following the start of my treatment plan with Dr. Wilcox, I started feeling better in the neck and shoulder. After a couple of treatments, I was working out again and I just finished shingling my house—with no issues!”

Darrell K., Abilene, KS

“Dr. Wilcox is a compassionate and caring man and his staff is a wonderful example of friendliness and professionalism. If you’re at your wit’s end suffering with pain that’s stealing the joy from your life, please consider calling “Living Well”.”

Diane, Kansas, age 66

“For anyone who does not like to be “crunched” and “snapped,” the methods used by Dr. Wilcox are extremely effective. I believe the PulStar can adjust things that a manual adjustment could never accomplish. He is very detailed in what he is doing / adjusting and explains in quite detail what each adjustment is intended to accomplish. That coupled with Dr. Wilcox’s knowledge and resourcefulness with the supplements has really improved my health.” Robert B. Salina, Age 53

“After only a few treatments, I could feel the positive effects the computerized treatment was having on my body. I finally understood the simple reasons I was having so much pain, and even better, Dr. Wilcox knew the solutions to resolve my problems! My quality of life made a dramatic change for the better and it was so wonderful for the first time in years to get out of bed and be able to move freely. My response to Dr. Wilcox’s care literally changed my thinking about chiropractic care and truly built my confidence regarding his profession and especially in him. I would recommend to anyone suffering today to take advantage of computerized care.”


Dr. Wilcox offers hope where others have failed, his concern for his patients is obvious. The staff is always friendly and check on the patients/clients every time we walk in the door to see that our experience is a positive one. I had been to several other chiropractors and never had as good of care as what I have received at Living Well Chiropractic.


“It is difficult to put into words the quality of life Dr. Wilcox has given back to me. From sitting on my couch with the pain and frustration having reached a point of desperation, to playing competitive tennis and wakeboarding again. My range of motion, reduced overall pain and energy levels have been life changing.”

Sara K., Age 44, Salina, KS

“Everyone at Living Well Chiropractic is very friendly and I get excellent service. Dr. Wilcox has really helped keep my chiropractic problems in check. I would recommend Living Well Chiropractic to my friends or family.”

Maria M.

“Dr. Wilcox provides excellent care and always addresses my concerns and needs. As always, I was in better health and feeling better when I left the office.”

Ken H., Age 66, Abilene, KS

“When I called to inquire about your practice, I was talking to the receptionist and she put me over to the doctor. I have never spoken with the doctor before an appointment. I got relief, and with some more appointments I will be back to good. Thank you!”

Linda P., Age 57, Glasco, KS

“With the arrival of early spring weather, I was eager to enjoy my retirement with an early beginning of gardening and yard work. Too often, I was on hands and knees pulling weeds and digging. The pain then began. Dr. Wilcox had his Pulstar at the Abilene Community Mingle. I volunteered to be part of a demonstration. I learned that the two lower-leg bones were out of alignment. Even the short demonstration provided relief. I could find real help from this chiropractic treatment. A short time later, I scheduled appointments with Dr. Wilcox. The bones in my legs were stabilized and the Pulstar has helped improve the mobility of my spine. Again, I am enjoying my garden and “playing in the dirt.” Sleeping pain-free is also great!” Pat Taplin, Salina, KS

Bernie Burghart – Knee Pain

“I began seeing Dr. Wilcox in July of 2009. Following a wreck in 2006, I had seen doctors who did MRIs, CT scans, x-rays and physical therapy. They recommended medication and injections. In fact, I was two days away from getting a spinal injection for my hip pain when I came to see what Dr. Wilcox could do for me. After two weeks of PulStar treatment, my migraines were gone and have not returned. My hip and knee are getting better, too! Dr. Wilcox never gave up on me. He explained everything and took x-rays. The staff is always cheerful and makes you feel at home. I am doing more at home and work than I have ever done and it makes me feel like I can do a lot more in time. I wish I had learned of PulStar a long time ago.

Vonda K., Tescott, KS

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Bernie Burghart – Knee Pain

Bernie is the Manager of Sunflower Carpet One in Salina, Kansas. He has been a patient of Dr. Wilcox since 2013. Bernie came to us seeking relief from knee pain he had for many years. Listen to what he has to say about the amazing care he has received.

Debra Myers – Shoulder Pain

Debbie owns a medical device company in McPherson, Kansas. She has been a patient with us since August 2014. She originally came to see Dr. Wilcox seeking help for shoulder pain she was having. She had shoulder surgery in hopes it would help get rid of the pain and the problems she was having. After coming to Living Well Chiropractic she has had great results with us. Listen to her story.

Lenora Fleck – Back Pain

Lenora has been a patient with us since March 2014. She came in seeking help for back pain due to a car accident in 2013. After seeing many other doctors she was finally able to get relief from her back pain. Listen to what she has to say.

Sara Karcher – Body Pain

Sara Karcher, owner of Burgess Locksmith and XL Security Seysems of Salina has been a patient since January 2013. After having constant pain and trying different methods for getting rid of the pain she found out about Dr. Wilcox and has been coming is weekly for care. She is one of our best success stories about how Pulstar technology can really work. Listen to her story.

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