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Community in Salina, KS

Community Outreach

Living Well Chiropractic’s Community Outreach Purpose:

Through community outreach, Living Well Chiropractic gives back to local businesses, employees and the public through complimentary Chair Massage Events and Wellness Presentations while also creating awareness of chiropractic care, employee wellness,  increased productivity and the ability to eliminate chronic pain without pain medications or severe popping, turning and twisting of your neck and back. 

Community Outreach - Salina, KS

Featured Events

All of our community outreach events are FREE!

On-Site Chair Massage Events

Chair massage events are our way of giving back to the employees of Salina, KS and the surrounding communities. They are fun, relaxing and they provide a great way for an employer to show their appreciation for the hard work their employees do throughout the year.

We provide everything from the flyer and sign-up sheets to the massage chair. We do everything we can to make the event as seamless and easy for the employer and the employees as possible!

The length of the events is based on the number of employees at each business. The event can be anywhere from one hour up to three hours. For larger groups we can schedule several events. The massages are eight-minutes long and are scheduled in 10-minute increments.

Computerized Massage Events

Living Well Chiropractic’s computer-based PulStar System uses a hand-held impulse head which delivers a series of precise, computer-controlled impulses to relieve tight muscle spasms, restore function and increases range of motion. The PulStar impulses up to 50 times per second, in the myofascial release mode. Although the PulStar System is used as our primary instrument for chiropractic adjustments in our office, it is also a great tool for effective, time-saving massages to quickly relax tight muscles.

Spinal Screening Events

Our spinal screenings offer participants a visual of their body’s misalignment. The Spinal Analysis Machine (SAM) uses string to shows the postural imbalance of the spine, shoulders, hips.

Wellness Speaking Events

Dr. Wilcox provides several educational wellness topics for businesses, civic organizations, clubs and churches. Let us know if you prefer an early morning event, a lunchtime event or an early evening event.

Here are some of the popular topics to choose from:

  1. The Improvement and Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease
  2. The Importance of Restful Sleep to your Overall Wellness
  3. How to Prevent Heart Disease and Improve Cardiovascular Function
  4. The Link Between Cell Phones and Unexpected Health Conditions
  5. Your Diet May be Creating Chronic Pain and Inflammation
  6. Increasing Productivity in the Workplace
  7. Proper Food Combinations and Digestive Enzymes to Prevent G.E.R.D., Reflux, and Indigestion
  8. And Many More Topics

We Have Treated Our Employees… You Should Too!

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Salina Arts & Humanities
  • Central KS Foundation
  • Bethany Home
  • Midway Motors
  • Assurance Partners
  • OCCK
  • Long McArthur
  • Bank of Tescott
  • Bank VI
  • Salina Chamber of Commerce
  • Rose Hill Bank
  • Choices Network
  • Salina Housing Authority
  • Salina YMCA
  • Waddell & Reed
  • Eagle Technologies
  • Central Kansas Mental Health Center
  • Holiday Resort
  • Huesner Elementary School
  • Eaglecrest Retirement Community
  • Salina South Middle School
  • Vortex Health Fair
  • Salina Supply
  • Great Clips Salon
  • Salina Regional Health Center
  • Smoky Hill Museum
  • Presbyterian Manor
  • Town & Country Vet
  • Parkwood Family Dental
  • First Bank Kansas
  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • Pinnacle Park Retirement Community
  • Wilson & Co.
  • Central National Bank
  • Farmers Alliance
  • Salina Family Healthcare
  • Ellsworth County Courthouse
  • Holm Automotive
  • USDA Salina Service Ctr
  • Salina Airport Authority
  • Industrial Fabricators & Installers
  • Rocking M Media
  • Smoky Hill Health & Rehab
  • St. John’s Military School
  • Mowery Clinic
  • New Horizons Dental Clinic
  • PKM Steel Days
  • Sunflower Bank
  • Brown Memorial Home, Abilene


“It was easy and a nice benefit for the employees. We would certainly do it again!”

– Dana Frederking
Human Resources,  Assurance Partners

“I know I enjoyed my massage and I only heard good things from those who took advantage of this opportunity!”

– Milton Larson, CFO
Eagle Technologies

“Our employees absolutely loved the chair massages and spoke very highly about Dr. Hamilton and Lisa Smith…. They were also very flexible to work with our schedules and they even traveled to all of our locations…. We couldn’t thank them enough for providing such a wonderful service to our employees!”
– Devin Rizzo-Foden

Human Resources, OCCK, Inc.

“I highly recommend you considering offering this service to your employees that Living Well Chiropractic is currently providing.”

– Beth Webster

SVP / CFO, Bank VI

“Your willingness to take the time over 3 full afternoons to make sure every employee had an opportunity to participate was very accommodating. The entire process was seamless, and your communication was very helpful, even to the detail of providing the signs and sign-up sheets to provide the information to our employees.”

– Rebecca Charbonneau

Exec. Asst. to Derek Lee, GM, Long McArthur, Inc.

“We, the management team, at Industrial Fabricators and Installers absolutely loved our seated massage event at our facility! It was so nice to take a few minutes out of our day to enjoy a relaxing massage by Dr. Hamilton, and Lisa Smith was so pleasant to get to know. Many of our employees had never had any kind of massage given to them before and were pleasantly surprised as to how much they enjoyed it! It helped to relieve stress and gave renewed energy to finish out our day.”

– Gail Coleman

HR/Safety Manager, Industrial Fabricators and Installers

For more information about our community outreach events and activities, or to schedule a free demonstration or educational consultation, contact us today at 785-826-9911!

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