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We’ve heard a lot about workplace ergonomics in recent years, but with the economy changing – more people are working from home, whether by choice or their employer’s decision to “go virtual”, – maybe it’s time to acknowledge the obvious; It’s just as easy to injure yourself no matter where you physically work.

Think about it: When it comes to a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries caused by stress to the joints from repetitive tasks, overuse of muscles and poor posture, what’s the difference if you’re slumping in front of an office computer or a home laptop? Or lifting heavy cartons on to the back of a delivery truck or your closet shelf?

As the Society for Human Resource Management advises, “Employees who work from home or travel for work should be taught to assess their ad-hoc workplaces for ergonomic risks.”

If you are hurting, doctors of chiropractic focus on structure and function. They care for pain syndromes with a drug-free approach that includes spinal adjustments and exercises to help stretch and strengthen core muscles.

“Back injuries are the most prevalent occupational injury, and studies have shown chiropractic patients have consistently better outcomes”, says Dr. Gerard Clum, D.C., Foundation for Chiropractic Progress.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Invest in a good chair and be mindful of your posture

Learn proper lifting techniques

Keep your eyes the same level as your computer screen without leaning forward to help avoid headaches and neck pain.

Take frequent micro-breaks to stretch and hydrate with water. 

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