Bernie Burghart – Knee Pain

Bernie is the Manager of  Sunflower Carpet One in Salina, Kansas. He has been a patient of Dr. Wilcox since 2013. Bernie came to us seeking relief from knee pain he had for many years. Listen to what he has to say about the amazing care he has received HERE

Debra Myers – Shoulder Pain

Debbie owns a medical device company in McPherson, Kansas. She has been a patient with us since August 2014. She originally came to see Dr. Wilcox seeking help for shoulder pain she was having. She had shoulder surgery in hopes it would help get rid of the pain and the problems she was having. After coming to Living Well Chiropractic she has had great results with us. Listen to her story HERE

Lenora Fleck – Back Pain

Lenora has been a patient with us since March 2014. She came in seeking help for back pain due to a car accident in 2013.  After seeing many other doctors she was finally able to get relief from her back pain. Listen to what she has to say HERE

Sara Karcher – Body Pain

Sara Karcher, owner of Burgess Locksmith and XL Security Seysems of Salina has been a patient since January 2013. After having constant pain and trying different methods for getting rid of the pain she found out about Dr. Wilcox and has been coming is weekly for care. She is one of our best success stories about how Pulstar technology can really work. Listen to her story HERE.