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I felt wonderful after my treatment. Thank you so much Dr. Wilcox

by Donald Rogan Jr. on Living Well Chiropractic Clinic
Amazing cardio help!

My wife helped get me to see Dr. Wilcox for a twisted back treatment and while there I asked about cardio health. My goodness, little did I know about the full benefits of amino acids and nitric oxide!! I have my life back at 61! I'm just beginning this treatment but hope to stop traditional pharmaceutical hypertension medicine altogether very soon! All the side effects from traditional hypertension meds are gone!! Ache in back of head, lower energy, plumbing doesn't work, swelling in legs and more! It's all gone! I can feel the nitric oxide and amino acids working their magic rejuvenation through my cells! And, my back feels great too! Thank you Dr. Wilcox for your great care, you have this skeptic won over!

My number one doctor!

If I could give Dr. Wilcox and his staff a 10 rating I most definitely would! I have had traditional chiropractic care since I was a teenager and pushing 60 now. I have never had the kind of care and results as I have at Living Well Chiropractic Center! The most comprehensive explanations of his fascinating system of care, addressing every issue of pain and discomfort I've had in the five years or more with him, beautiful office, and wonderful staff. From post surgical lower lumbar continuing discomfort (from previously botched MD and previous traditional Chiro care), to knee and foot pain, to TMJ jaw locking, to tendinitis wrist pain alleviated and so much more, Dr. Wilcox is my go to doctor for most all my pain and discomfort. So passionate and knowledgeable and the most effective DOCTOR you will ever know! I recommend him to all! Thank you Dr. Wilcox and staff!

by E. Tom Pyle Jr. on Living Well Chiropractic Clinic
Surprise Surprise

My name is E. Tom Pyle Jr. and I had heard about Dr. Wilcox on the radio for months and had tried to get my brothers to go see him for their problems but neither had the time. After several weeks where my wife, Nina, finally shared she was having great difficulty sleeping due to her shoulder pain, I set up a free consultation visit for her with Dr. Wilcox. There is very little waiting since Dr. Wilcox is very savey as a computer operator on his system which is more than vary interesting it actually shows where and what you are feeling as he performs your individualized care. Needless to say my wife can best describe her care results herself, however, in a few days she was sleeping through the night and in a few weeks we figured out that not only my night sleeping habits were contributing, but also our 5 and 7 year old naps on Nina's sides in her recliner were contributing to her pain. At that first visit I was not even aware of my problems when Dr. Wilcox asked me a few questions. I answered yes, I had an old basketball knee injury, an old football neck injury, and earlier this last summer I had fell in a hole while wadding out to get in a boat in the Indian Ocean. Having seen what he had just be able to do for my wife, I said sure doc see what you can do. He sure did and as an architect he said much of my problem, which I had over the years ignored, was due to my feet. Needless to say I knew a good foundation was essential for buildings and people. What was amazing was as he treated each area you could see the results you were feeling right on your images on his computer screen. After about 45 days of using full time my inserts, I would not go without them. The x-ray of my neck clearly showed me the problem and his computerized system told him exactly what to do at each vertebra and actually showed the results you were feeling in the multiple images of yourself on his computer screen. After a while my knee joints leveled out and I got used to using new muscles for new alignments. Dr. Wilcox recommended a special pillow which has helped my neck also. The real surprise was my finger you see I thought I had jammed but had actually torn the ligaments loose. I had gone to Dr. mark Melhorn, one of the best hand specialists in the State who had diagnosed my torn ligaments and gave me fine treatment with eventually exercises to limber it up. As long as I did the exercises it stayed fairly limber. Obviously I did more than he required and I improved rapidly, at our last visit Dr. Melhorn indicated that the thickness feeling around the damaged area would most likely always be there, but the exercises would always help. So I shared that with Dr. Wilcox and he said let me try something with his machine. After just one treatment much of the thickness was gone and boy was it much easier to move the finger completely. Over the next 3 or 4 visits I would share very small thickness feeling areas and Dr. Wilcox would use his machine and those areas would be like new. At my last visit he had a newer more elaborate machine which he said he wanted to try on that difficult area in the actual joint and it really worked. Dr. Galisha the heart specialist in Wichita has Dr. Wilcox come on Fridays each week to help his patients. He also treated Dr. Galisha.

by Steve Wessling on Living Well Chiropractic Clinic
Thank You

Dr.Wilcox has help me with back problems since Oct.2013. I was seeing a manipulating chiropractor for many years and not getting results. I am a true believer in this treatment.

by Debbie Myers, McPherson KS on Living Well Chiropractic Clinic
Shoulder Pain

I started going to PT Feb 2014 for what was believed to be a strain of my shoulder. Come April, was still experiencing the pain so had an MRI done. MRI showed what they believed to be more than 50% torn rotator cuff and xray showed a large bone spur. Had surgery, June 2014. After 8 weeks of recovery and PT, was still experiencing tremendous pain and lack of motion. Sought out Dr. Wilcox at the recommendation of a friend who had seen him after her rotator cuff surgery. I was blown away at the warm reception and concern shown by all! There aren't many Dr offices that exhibit, on every visit, the warmth that Dr. Wilcox's office exhibits. After two PulStar treatments I felt relief. By treatment 3 & 4, I had relief I had not gotten from the bi-weekly PT sessions. At 8 weeks post-surgical, it was a daily struggle with sleeping, movement and general day to day functions. Dr. Wilcox was able to move me along further in a few short visits than I could have imagined. The treatments have taken away the pain, reduced the inflammation, increased my movement and allowed me to sleep through the night! I tell everyone I can about Dr. Wilcox and his treatments. I firmly believe he has spared me of having to go back into surgery to break up the scar tissue. Thank you Dr. Wilcox and staff!!!

by Bob Bowser, Salina KS on Living Well Chiropractic Clinic
Diabetic Back Trouble

I have one vertebra that has grown out of alignment and often causes pain. Doc is able to "massage" it over when it begins to hurt and it stays for several days, even weeks if I do not over exert it. MUCH better alternative than surgery.
I also suffered from Neuropathy in my feet... burning and numbing sensations. Doc recommended Neuropathy supplement and I no longer have those issues and a bonus is that my RLS has subsided considerably.


Dr. Wilcox is the best. I've had problems with my lower back for years. ( I've had surgery ) Doc has kept me pain free for the past 8 years, don't know what I would do without him.

by Danny L Mersch, Salina, KS on Living Well Chiropractic Clinic
Soft Tissue Damage

The doctor has corrected multiple issues with my spine and right shoulder. I have been in the military for over 18 years and this is the best I have felt physically.

by Debbie Clark, Minneapolis, KS on Living Well Chiropractic Clinic
Great Service!


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