Living Well Chiropractic Clinic offers computerized analysis and adjustments through the PulStar system. We’re the only chiropractic office in North Central Kansas to offer computerized adjustments. Many of our patients (including Becky in this video) travel 90 miles or more to our office to enjoy the benefits of this technology.

At A Glance

Accurate, computerized analysis
Gentle adjustments—no popping or twisting, less force than traditional chiropractic
Adjustments tailored to your precise needs

video_smGentle chiropractic treatment

The PulStar system both analyzes the stiffness of each joint and administers the precise amount of force needed to adjust individual vertebra. It is more gentle than other methods of chiropractic care, with no twisting, popping, or sudden movements.

PulStar chiropractic adjustments are gentle enough for patients of any age. It can be helpful for patients who have spinal injuries, whiplash, joint fusions, osteoporosis, degenerative arthritis, and other conditions. The PulStar provides hope for the hopeless. Dr. Wilcox will only accept cases he sincerely believes can benefit from the PulStar technology.

about_DocAdjustingA PulStar session

A typical PulStar session is demonstrated in the video above. Patients sit, stand or lay prone during treatments. Dr. Wilcox runs the PulStar instrument down your spine, analyzing each joint for function and stiffness. The instrument sends readings to the computer program, which displays precise data in an easy-to-read graph. Dr. Wilcox uses this information to help determine the most important area(s) to adjust.
Then Dr. Wilcox uses the instrument again, this time focusing on problem areas. The PulStar delivers a series of precise, computer-controlled, gentle impulses to free up joint fixations, relieve muscle spasms, and restore normal joint function. Areas of the spine that could not easily be treated by hand can be easily treated by the computerized instrument. Patients do not tighten up muscles anticipating the adjustment because the instrument is gentle and precise.

pulstar-logoImmediately following the treatment, Dr. Wilcox analyzes each vertebrae again, and you can see your percent of improvement on the monitor for yourself. The PulStar provides certainty that you needed the care and that you benefited from the care each visit. This is especially important for spinal areas that no longer hurt but are not yet back to normal function.

The PulStar’s computerized analysis is accurate in locating fixated, stuck joints. For additional information, download our print brochure.

bracket_leftbracket_rightThe PulStar computer provides certainty as Dr. Wilcox customizes precise, gentle chiropractic treatment to your spine’s unique needs.
Want to see this technology for yourself? Call for a free educational demonstration—skeptics welcome!