Because of the outstanding results using the PulStar technology, Dr. Wilcox has found most patients don’t need expensive and time-consuming procedures.

However, Living Well does offer services including the following:

myofacial_releaseMyofacial Release

Myofacial release helps restore flexibility to the fascia, the network of tissue that supports muscles. Dr. Wilcox uses the PulStar instrument to help stretch the fascia in a manner that is much more comfortable than traditional myofacial release techniques.

The PulStar has a “sweep” treatment. The rubber-tipped, computer-assisted instrument starts at 4 impulses per second, builds up to 90 impulses per second, and returns to 4 impulses—for a total of 201 impulses in 7 seconds. This range of frequencies relieves or stops pain quickly and relieves myofascial tension and pain. It also reduces painful trigger points in the deep muscle tissues.

Acupuncture is form of Meridan Therapy. Dr. Wilcox uses the PulStar instrument on selected acupuncture points. He also uses laser light rather than needles.

WebAd_SP2 (1)Nutrition/Nutritional Consultations

For patients interested in improving their nutrition, we offer professional-grade vitamins and supplements derived from whole foods, not from typical synthetic processes. If you are interested in taking your nutrition to the next level, we offer 30 minute nutritional consultations. This includes filling out our nutrition survey and talking to Dr. Wilcox about the results. From there he’ll help you determine what supplements are best for your needs. We have available about 300 different products from Standard Process and other suppliers.

                        Whole Body Vibration Therapy

body vibeWhole body vibration is an intensive workout for the muscles and much of this can be accomplished while simply standing on the plate. Ten minutes on this machine equals to 3-4 miles of jogging and 30-60 minutes of weight lifting. The body vibe also helps strengthens muscles, reduces stress on joints, strengthens bone tissue, Speeds up metabolism, and improves flexibility, mobility and coordination. Whole body vibration therapy is a revolutionary technology that is used in a variety of different areas. Professional athletes, personal trainers and healthcare facilities all enjoy the benefits of a vibration workout.We offer a per session fee and package prices. If you have never tried the body vibe before the first session is FREE


X-Ray Services

We offer on site x-ray services to patients who may need them. Within a matter of minutes you x-rays are developed on site and ready for you to view.


To learn more about these services call our office at (785) 826-9911.